When the St Paul Institute of Education was started, as the buildings came up very slowly, the main staff consisted of some FCC sister and some Jesuit. The number of students too was very small. The sisters stayed in one of the classrooms of the Institute and the Jesuit stayed in  one part of the present day chapel which in those days was part library and part the Jesuit’s residence, which is why you find a small portico facing  the present convent of the sisters.

The present Jesuit residence evolved from the staff quarters being built at that time. After the completion the Jesuit principal, any other Jesuit and some staff resided in the completed building. As the men staff were practically only the Jesuits and as over the years more Jesuits began to stay here the building became the Jesuits’ residence. Later some Jesuit brothers, or scholastics as we call them, began staying here and attended the St Joseph’s College, which too was started and was being run by the Jesuits for some years.

More rooms were added to the house as the number of people coming here for meetings, retreats, seminars etc. needed more space. As the demand for retreats, spiritual animation programmes, renewal programmes, increased we had to add many more rooms and a nice chapel for the people to pray quietly. This part of the extension we call as the Retreat House. It is used both by the religious and the lay people, Catholic as well as people belonging to other churches, college students and other young people for retreats, seminars, fellowship meetings and renewal programmes.    The demand for the retreat House is tolerably good, the main problem being that some groups try to book the house at the same time which makes us refuse their requests. People who come here like the quiet atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings and express their desire to come again.

The Jesuit community has a varying number but has a Rector at helm. The Retreat House has a Director who is appointed to look after it besides attending to his other responsibilities. Besides the Director some othe Jesuits too help out in the various programmes as and when needed.